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Our family welcomes you. Enjoy the great grape escape.


Every great generational winery begins with a family committed to a shared vision. The Zimmerman family planted Belle Vinez, or beautiful vines, to produce exceptional wines personifying their love of family, celebrations and everyday moments to share with you!

As generational family wineries go, ours is rather young, but we have big aspirations. Our wine selection is a blend of imported and northern climate grapes, bottled and named after favorite family pursuits and occasions!

The result is an array of options sure to satisfy all types of wine lovers. Soft and sweet, big and bold, we have the wine for you.

Wine is about friends and family. So sit back, relax and enjoy some wine.

December 1st-April 30th (winter hours)

Friday 4pm-9pm, Saturday 11am-9pm and Sunday 11am-6pm. Events can be scheduled Monday-Thursday by reservation

May 1st-November 30th (summer hours)

Thursday 4pm-9pm, Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday 11am-9pm and Sunday 11am-9pm

Events can be scheduled Monday-Wednesday by reservation

Kitchen closes at 8pm.

NEW! Special events such as weddings, parties or corporate events can now extend to 12am. Email to book your special event.



What's the story with the whites? —


Head Over Heels

A girl. A boy. A beautiful sunny July day in Wisconsin. Family and friends gather to celebrate this wonderful day. Every detail carefully planned, nothing left to chance. As this breathtaking new bride is walking out of the church, life decides to intervene as she slips and falls. Mandy was head over heels.

-Josh & Mandy Zimmerman on their wedding day


It's a bittersweet day as we watched Taylor walk eagerly towards the school bus. She's so excited, innocent and ready to take on the world. Our hearts are both proud and breaking as she takes each step from us. Then, as if she knew to reassure us, she turns and smiles before getting on the bus. She's ready for Elementary School.

-Josh & Mandy Zimmerman on Taylor's first day of school


When is enough enough? When your wife says so. Having what seemed to be enough shoes and boots to open up her own store, Angel is overcome by the need to add yet a few more. It isn't excess, sometimes a woman just needs to indulge.

-Angel indulging on just one more pair of boots-because she 'needed them'


Dads and Moms need their time too, right?! As Josh steals a kiss from Mandy, they are unaware that little eyes are always watching. Addy happens to turn to the camera with a look of dubious surprise as she witnesses parental mischief.

-Addy Zimmerman as she see Dad kiss Mom


What's the story with the reds? —


Sharing Sips

The summer sun is high and hot. A day spent in the vineyard pruning and weeding. Our little guy Montee found it all too much to bear, so he decided to bare it all and grab the refreshing, yet somewhat shockingly cold garden hose for a drink. He apparently wasn't the only one that needed relief. Ace joined in for a shared sip.

-Montee Zimmerman (and Ace) cooling down in the summer heat

Opening Day

May in Wisconsin. Maybe the fish will bite, maybe not. Today that may not matter. As this girly girl walks up and down the Kinnickinnic River with Daddy trying so hard to catch a trout, she has no idea that catching fish means nothing to him. Her never-ending questions and precious chatter make this the best Opening Day ever.

-Josh & Taylor Zimmerman fishing opening day


From the backyard to the college stadium. A boy's dream becomes a man's memory. One dreams forward, one remembers back, but one day we all reminisce.

-Nick Zimmerman passing his memories to his son Montee

Par Pressure

In small towns all over the world, big friendships emerge. A simpler time of playing ball, hanging out and growing up. The years can never take away what was built so long ago. Four old friends reconnect after years apart to support a great cause. No reunion would be complete without some friendly competition.

-Shannon Zimmerman golfing for a cure

What an impressively spectacular place. Your staff was super knowledgeable and had a very friendly, fun and welcoming way of explaining the different wines. It was a beautiful afternoon to be outside and enjoy the spacious patio with friends. The winery has a classy comfortable, relaxing atmosphere and is very tastefully decorated. This will be a place we frequently visit.
— Karen Gresback
Fantastic atmosphere, great wine, phenomenal food...I absolutely love this place and am so happy the Zimmerman family has brought an establishment like this to our area.
— Brittany Johnson
If you haven’t experienced Belle Vinez Vineyard & Winery you need to. Beautiful surroundings, great wines, delicious brick oven pizza, friendly service and a relaxing atmosphere. You will enjoy it.
— Ron Campbell
Awesome!! We will be back! Loved the Head Over Heels wine! The stuffed mushrooms and white pesto shrimp pizza was absolutely delicious!
— Kris Oden

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