Belle Vinez Winery 2019 Music Schedule Released

As the days become increasingly warmer and longer, our thoughts immediately begin to drift to picturesque sunsets from the Belle Vinez piazza, as you sip your favorite glass of our family’s locally produced wine. We’ve worked hard to complement those moments with music to relax to.

A dynamic mix of acoustic artists, including a solo pianist, will be presented this year at Belle Vinez. Something for everyone to enjoy. Make plans now and mark your calendars. We look forward to seeing you soon!

-The Belle Vinez Winery Family

Mom's, kid's and a glass of wine

It was once said, "Buy your Mom wine. You are the reason she drinks." 

A humorous, but perhaps reasonable look at those amazing human beings we call 'Mom'. Belle Vinez Winery has long prided itself on the essence of family.  In a cynical world where we value so many things that really have no long-term value, today is the day we celebrate Mom. 

Each and every one of us have our own great Mom story.  Mom's are scientifically designed to miraculously infuse care, comfort, lie detection, creative thinking, the look that makes you stop whatever it is you are doing, a comfort food chef that hits the spot and that friend you need when you didn't realize you needed it.  Mom's are God's greatest gift.

If you ever doubted the power of Mom, consider this.  Imagine your lowest, darkest and most challenging hour.  Who is the first person you think to reach out to?  Mom.

Celebrate her today and every day.  Buy her wine, not because she needs it, but because she deserves it.  Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's!  Belle Vinez celebrates ours, thank you Angel and Mandy!!

Belle Vinez wine now available online or join the club!

Belle Vinez Winery has worked to establish and emphasize an onsite customer experience.  This has been very deliberate.  We want friends, families and the like to enjoy our unique family winery experience with us.  Relaxing while sipping a glass of wine as the grapes grow.  The brick oven aroma filling the air.  The color of the sky at dusk as you sit at a bistro table on the piazza.

After hearing from many of you, we have decided to build on the onsite experience.  You now can order Belle Vinez wines and bottles shipped directly to your door.  You can send them as gifts to others.  We've made it very easy to order online (click here: Order Online)  for one time purchase or you can join our wine club for regular deliveries and exclusive items provided only to club members.

The essence of this local winery is to bring people together and enjoy the best life has to offer. You can now enjoy both our Tuscan-themed winery set amid the growing grapes of the vineyard or have our unique flavors shipped directly to you. 

As always, thank you from the Zimmerman family!

Belle Vinez Wine Club details can be found onsite.  Please ask your server the next time you visit.


Belle Vinez Winery 2018 Event Schedule Announced!

What to do?! Looking for different, unique and memorable?  While this is still taking final shape and more is sure to be added, we thought it more than appropriate to brighten your day with a look ahead at some cool events at Belle Vinez Winery this grape season. 

What could be better than the great grape escape to River Falls for a Tuscan-themed winery extravaganza.  An expanding assortment of family, locally produced wines await.  Paired perfectly with a culinary canvas of brick oven treats. 

Kick back and watch the grapes grow.  Spectacular views of the vineyard from the comfort of your piazza seat.  Bring friends, co-workers or savor the flavors alone, we don't judge at Belle Vinez.  This is a family endeavor and we celebrate family in all its forms.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

-The Zimmerman Family

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