Belle Vinez Winery 2018 Event Schedule Announced!

What to do?! Looking for different, unique and memorable?  While this is still taking final shape and more is sure to be added, we thought it more than appropriate to brighten your day with a look ahead at some cool events at Belle Vinez Winery this grape season. 

What could be better than the great grape escape to River Falls for a Tuscan-themed winery extravaganza.  An expanding assortment of family, locally produced wines await.  Paired perfectly with a culinary canvas of brick oven treats. 

Kick back and watch the grapes grow.  Spectacular views of the vineyard from the comfort of your piazza seat.  Bring friends, co-workers or savor the flavors alone, we don't judge at Belle Vinez.  This is a family endeavor and we celebrate family in all its forms.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

-The Zimmerman Family

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